Electric Hurricane Shutter Wiring Installation

If electric hurricane shutters are right for you, it’s important that only a master electrician does the electrical work to install switches and run power to your electric shutters. Some shutter companies, in an attempt to reduce their cost on an electric hurricane shutter installation, will ignore building code regulations and allow shutter technicians to […]

Why Hurricane Shutters Are The Superior Solution For Protecting Your Home

Every year people are injured scurrying up and down ladders trying to protect their home from storm-force winds. Part of our mission at John’s Shutters is to give you peace of mind and to see to it you never have to stand in line for plywood or risk injury to protect your home. Our rolling […]

Beware of Cheap Hurricane Shutters Why Cheap Motorized Shutters Are The Most Expensive

Protecting your home or commercial property with storm shutters is just plain smart. Contact John's Shutters and Repair for a free no obligation quote to protect your property. Phone 409-939-5135

Imagine waking up to news that the big hurricane everyone along the entire Gulf Coast has been worried about has turned your way and will be pelting your community and your home with 110 mile per hour winds in about 12 hours. Of course we hope this never happens, but high winds, tropical storms and […]

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