Rolling Hurricane Shutters

Rolling hurricane shutters, commonly called roll-down shutters,  roll-up shutters, or rolling security shutters, provide excellent protection from storms and hurricanes and are perfect for protecting unreachable or hard-to-reach application such as windows or glass enclosures.

Rolling Hurricane Shutters Provide Excellent Protection From High Winds and Storms

Rolling shutters from John's Shutter & Repair protecting a home on Galveston Bay

Rolling Storm Shutters From John’s Shutter & Repair Protect This Home On Galveston Bay

Roll down shutters retract completely into the housing just above window and roll  up out of site.

Partial deployment of the rolling hurricane shutter makes them excellent for heat  and light control.

Lowering the shutter half-way reduces glare, reduces furniture-fading UV light  entering your home, and reduces radiant heat transfer, resulting in less demand  on your AC unit and some customers report up to a 25% reduction in summer  electric bills.

Motorized rolling hurricane shutters can be deployed in seconds with push-button operation and can even be operated remotely from a cell-phone.

Motorized rolling shutters are installed with an easy-to-operate manual override, so if a storm knocks out the power, you can open and close your rolling hurricane shutters at will with no need for electricity.

John’s Shutters is an authorized manufacturer and distributor for USA Shutter Corporation, which means hurricane shutters, storm shutters, accordion shutters, rolling shutters and security shutters from John’s Shutters & Repair meet or exceed the Texas Department of Insurance requirements and meet or exceed the far more stringent Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.

Rolling Hurricane Shutters

To meet Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone Standards, the shutter must withstand repeated impact of a direct hit by a two by four shot out an air cannon at 35 miles per hour.

Rolling storm shutters and accordion shutters from John’s Shutters and Repair are made of extruded aluminum tested to withstand sustained winds up to 185 mph, which would be a category four hurricane.

Beware of cheap storm shutters made with material that fail to meet or barely meet insurance standards and may not hold up when you need protection the most.

Motorized rolling shutters from John’s Shutter and Repair come with high-quality motors that easily handle the weight of the shutter and stand up to repeated operation.

Motors from John’s Shutters are rated for a load 20% higher than the actual weight of the shutter curtain being lifted, which means you can expect smooth, efficient operation with years of trouble-free service.

Rolling hurricane shutters are attractive and protect your home from high winds and storms with push button ease.

Rolling Shutters Protect Your Home From High Winds and Stroms With Push Button Ease

Beware of Cheap Motorized Rolling Shutters

Companies that sell cheap motorized shutters cut corners by installing cheap motors that will not dependably lift the weight of the shutter curtain.  A small motor not rated to continuously raise and lower the weight of the shutter results in motor strain, slow shutter deployment, motors that fail years sooner than they should and result in costly repair that would have been avoided with a properly sized motor.

Always verify motors quoted for your job are rated to lift the full weight of the shutter curtain, and verify the motors quoted are in fact the motors delivered to the job site for installation.

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Excluding acts of God, John’s Shutters come with a full two year parts and labor warranty.

Your questions are welcome! Contact us and we’ll explain options and discuss solutions to protect your home or commercial property from storms and break-ins and give you peace of mind when a hurricane approaches your way.

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Motorized rolling shutters are an attractive addition to any home and provide instant, push-button protection from high wind and storms. Motorized shutters from John's Shutters and Repair come with a manual override that allows you to raise or lower your shutters anytime with no need or electricity.

Rolling Storm Shutters Are An Attractive Addition To Any Home John’s Shutters And Repair Serves The Entire Texas Gulf Coast From Beaumont To Galveston To Coupus Christi

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