Galveston Texas Hurricane Shutters For Galveston And The Texas Gulf Coast From Beaumont to Corpus

Choosing The Right Storm Shutters For Galveston Texas

Choosing hurricane shutters, storm shutters or security shutters for use on homes or commercial property in Galveston, High Island, La Porte, Le Marque, Kemah and the entire Texas Gulf Coast from Beaumont to Corpus Christi Texas is not as simple and straight forward as you may think.

Hurricane shutters are an investment that provide security and protect your home or commercial property from storms and hurricane force winds.

When a storm blows in, especially in coastal regions such as Galveston Island, you want to be able to protect your property quickly and effectively and you want a shutter and shutter box that will not chip or peel with a lot of direct sun exposure and constant exposure to salty air.

Points to consider when choosing storm shutters in Galveston;

  1. Is the contractor registered with the Better Business Bureau?
  2. Do they have a portfolio of work you can see on property similar to yours?
  3. Do they offer letters, videos or other forms of customer testimonials?
  4. Do their products meet the Texas Department of Insurance Standards , or preferably, do they meet or exceed the far more stringent Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone Standards?
  5. Are the shutters you’re being quoted made of strong extruded aluminum, or is the quote for shutters made of Styrofoam blades wrapped in metal, which is an exceptionally poor choice for protecting your home and valuable possessions?
  6. Does the quote include EVERY opening you want covered?  Leaving off an opening and then raising the price after the job has been accepted happens far too often.  Avoid this by insisting the bid states ALL openings are covered and no additional charges will be incurred.
  7. Is wiring for electric hurricane shutters done exclusively by a master electrician?

Benefits of Hurricane, Storm and Security Shutters Include

  1. Rapid deployment, no waiting in line to buy plywood or risking injury scurrying up and down ladders
  2. Near instant protection against storms and hurricane force winds;
  3. Rolling storm shutters and accordion shutters provide excellent light and heat control.  Closing shutters just half way lets in plenty of light and reduces the radiant heat resulting in less demand on the AC unit and a lower electric bill.
  4. Partially deployed storm shutters dramatically reduce furniture and carpet fading ultraviolet light resulting in walls, floors and furniture not being damaged by exposure to the sun.
  5. Storm shutters are excellent for security.  The shutters are tested to withstand severe impact from flying debris; as such they are extremely difficult to break into.  You can literally pound on a fully deployed and locked hurricane shutter with a sledge hammer and, with a properly installed storm shutter that meets certain insurance commission requirements, not even break the glass behind the shutter.

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