Why Hurricane Shutters Are The Superior Solution For Protecting Your Home

Every year people are injured scurrying up and down ladders trying to protect their home from storm-force winds.

Part of our mission at John’s Shutters is to give you peace of mind and to see to it you never have to stand in line for plywood or risk injury to protect your home.

Our rolling shutters and accordion shutters are made with the highest quality materials that meet or exceed Texas Department of Insurance Standards and meet or exceed the far more stringent Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone Standards.

Benefits for protecting your home with hurricane shutters include;

  • No standing in line for plywood when a storm approaches;
  • No more scurrying up and down ladders and risking injury;
  • Protection from storm force winds is FAR SUPERIOR to plywood;

Whether you live in Galveston, Houston or anywhere on the Gulf Coast, storm shutters are a permanent solution to protect your home from high wind and storms, you’ll never stand in line again for plywood when a storm comes along.

  • Rapid storm shutter deployment means you can protect your entire home in about five minutes;
  • Roll up hurricane shutters instantly protect large & small windows, patio doors and glass enclosures, and accordion hurricane shutters will instantly protect sliding glass doors, French doors, bay windows and any large, easily accessible enclosure from hurricane force winds in excess of 100 MPH;
  • Rollup shutters, accordion hurricane shutters, aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters and Colonial style storm shutters can be fully deployed in minutes with no tools, no ladders and no need for help.
  • If a storm shutter is damaged, the damaged slats can be replaced quickly and inexpensively, unlike impact rated windows which must be completely removed and a new one installed if there is even the slightest damage.

Hurricane shutters and storm shutters double as Security Shutters, which are extremely difficult to break into when fully deployed and locked.  Hurricane shutters secure  against break-ins and give you peace of mind your property is secure for hurricand force winds up to 185 mph and secure from breakins when you are away.

  • Rolling shutters, accordion shutters and aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters keep direct sun out of your house, and protect your home against extreme temperature and damaging UV rays that fade floors and furniture;
  • Shutters provide excellent light control, which means your bedroom can be almost completely dark anytime you choose;
  • Shutters reduce annoying outside noise and make your house more livable;
  • Easy to use with flip-of-the-switch or manual operation;

When used to block out direct sun, radiant heat entering your home is dramatically reduced.  Our customers report as much as a 25% reduction in summer electric bills

You can depend on John’s Shutters & Repair to do an excellent job for you, to service your shutters as needed and repair or replace shutters that become damaged for any reason.

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