Electric Hurricane Shutter Wiring Installation

If electric hurricane shutters are right for you, it’s important that only a master electrician does the electrical work to install switches and run power to your electric shutters.

Some shutter companies, in an attempt to reduce their cost on an electric hurricane shutter installation, will ignore building code regulations and allow shutter technicians to run new circuits or tap into existing electric circuits to get power to the electric shutter motor.

Incorrect wiring or not noticing something a skilled master electrician would instantly notice could lead to catastrophic damage, which means wiring electric hurricane shutters should be handled exclusively be a real, licensed, master electrician.  Anything less puts you and your family at unnecessary risk.

Here is what John White, owner of John’s Sutter and Repair has to say about how wiring for electric hurricane shutters should be handled.  Enjoy!

At John’s Shutter and Repair we believe the most important issue in choosing hurricane shutters, storm shutters or security shutters is not price, the most important issue is value.

You don’t want just a hurricane shutter.

You want a shutter that is strong, attractive, and long lasting. You want a shutter that will hold up to the most extreme conditions and work exactly the way it was designed to every single time.

What you really want is value, dependability and peace of mind at an affordable price. At John’s Shutters and Repair we’ve got what you’re looking for.

You can depend on John’s Shutters & Repair to do an excellent job for you, to service your shutters as needed and repair or replace shutters that become damaged for any reason.

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