Hurricane Shutters vs Impact Rated Windows

Hurricane Shutters vs Impact Rated Windows  Points To Consider

Are hurricane shutters or impact rated windows the best choice to protect your home or commercial property from storms and hurricane force winds?

Important Differences Between Hurricane Shutters and Impact Rated Windows

Hurricane shutters are installed on the outside of the home, which means direct impact from flying debris or burglars trying to break in, never makes contact with the actual window.

If a hurricane shutter is damaged, the individual slats of the shutter curtain can be replaced quickly and with minimum expense.

If an impact rated window becomes cracked or broken, the damaged pane cannot be replaced, instead the entire window must be removed and replaced with a new one.  The cost of doing this is quite high.

Hurricane shutters from John’s Shutters and Repair meet the Texas Depart of Insurance Standards and meet or exceed the far more stringent Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone Standards.  To meet those standards, the shutters must withstand repeated direct impacts of a 2’x4’ shot from an air cannon at 35 miles per hour.

If the shutter fails or if the glass behind the shutter is broken, the shutter fails the impact test and does not receive the Miami Dade and Broward County High Velocity Hurricane Zone rating.

In this video on How To Choose Hurricane Shutters, at about the one minute mark you get to see what happens when a 2”x4” is fired at a hurricane shutter at 35 mph.  As you’ll see, there is virtually no damage, the shutter is fully operational after the impact, and the slightly dented slats can be replaced quickly with minimal cost.

 What about impact rated windows?

Like storm shutters, insurance-rated high impact windows must pass the 2”x4” air cannon test and must hold together well enough to keep the storm outside and keep wind from entering the home.

This video shows the impact rated window is damaged on contact but does not fail to the extent that would let storm in the house, which is good, however the cost or replacing the damaged window is substantially higher than the cost of a minor repair on a hurricane shutter.

 At John’s Shutter and Repair we believe the most important issue in choosing hurricane shutters, storm shutters or security shutters is not price, the most important issue is value.

You don’t want just a hurricane shutter.

You want a shutter that is strong, attractive, and long lasting.  You want a shutter that will hold up to the most extreme conditions and work exactly the way it was designed to every single time.

What you really want is value, dependability and peace of mind at an affordable price.  At John’s Shutters and Repair we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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