Why Customers Love John’s Shutters

Why Customers Love John’s Shutter and Repair

Rather than toot our own horn, we thought you may enjoy hearing directly from a few of our customers.

If these happy folks seem almost too happy, just keep this in mind John’s Shutter and Repair is a family owned business that has been protecting homes and commercial property from storms, securing homes and commercial property from break-ins and making customers happy for almost ten years.

And it would be our privilege to answer any question or assist you any way we possibly can.

Enjoy the videos!

More Happy Customers Share Their Stories

At John’s Shutter and Repair we believe the most important issue in choosing hurricane shutters, storm shutters or security shutters is not price, the most important issue is value.

You don’t want just a hurricane shutter.

You want a shutter that is strong, attractive, and long lasting.  You want a shutter that will hold up to the most extreme conditions and work exactly the way it was designed to every single time.

What you really want is value, dependability and peace of mind at an affordable price.  At John’s Shutters and Repair we’ve got what you’re looking for.

You can depend on John’s Shutters & Repair to do an excellent job for you, to service your shutters as needed and repair or replace shutters that become damaged for any reason.

Contact John’s Shutters and Repair at 409-316-9922 for a free no obligation quote and be sure and enjoy all the videos and other information on hurricane, storm and security shutters on this Web site.

John’s Shutter and Repair serves Galveston, Texas City, La Porte, Le Marque, Kemah, Pasadena, Houston, Alvin, Pearland and the entire Texas Gulf Coast from Beaumont to Rockport and Corpus Christi Texas.

Email: john@johnsshutters.com

Address: John’s Shutters & Repair
10511 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, Texas 77563
Contact us at 409-316-9922

Your questions are welcome! Contact us and we’ll explain options and discuss solutions to protect your home or commercial property from storms and break-ins and give you peace of mind when a hurricane approaches or you’re away.

  1. Phone us at 409-316-9922 anytime during normal business hours
  2. Email us at:  john@johnsshutters.com
  3. Leave a message in the SPEAK YOUR MIND section below.  If you want us to call, be sure to leave your contact information and the best time to call.  SPEAK YOUR MIND is a way to communicate quickly, easily and privately.
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